Casserole dish of dreams…

Last week it was our six year anniversary…

We don’t normally celebrate with actual presents, so this year I made The Boy a silly present inspired by pinterest and a cheesy chat up line he used on me on our first meeting.

It's Rolos wrapped in red paper...or your very own, home-made "sex-bomb".

The Boy thought he would take it one step further and celebrate by buying us some Iron (that’s the six year present for if you are married, which we aren’t). He did very, very well and I was so excited when I opened the massive box at 6:30 am and found this…

Oh yes...

He’d gone for the grand dame of cooking utensils, something I had coveted for years:

A Le Creuset Casserole dish in the original Volcanic Orange colour. It is a beast of a dish and very heavy (even unfilled!) I think he bought it so he can show off his muscles lifting it in and out of the oven for me! It’s very much a present for us, I will use it, he will reap the rewards by eating it’s contents as often as possible.

We started off with a delicious Lamb recipe from Valentine Warner’s What to Eat Now Autumn and Winter recipe book which looked like this when it went in…

But unfortunately didn’t last long enough to have it’s picture taken afterwards! It was made with lots of herbs, camomile and honey and slow cooked in our new dish for 2 1/2 hours…it was absolutely lovely, I can’t recommend it highly enough! It was perfect on Sunday afternoon after and lot of hard working DIY-ing at the weekend..the fruits of which I will show you soon!



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6 responses to “Casserole dish of dreams…

  1. I love these, they are quite brilliant. I have something similar except it’s a Chasseur one – you can’t beat cast iron!

    • denise girven

      Hayley thats the best pressie ever!! I got one myself a few months back and it never gets put away…..always on the stove top waiting to be popped into the oven with delectable delights…and it never fails!!!!!! Congrats also on your 6 years together you guys are a match made in heaven!! xx

      • Thanks! Ours is so big, it won’t fit in the cupboard, so it’ll have to stay out! So far it has been full for more time than it has been empty so I think that it’ll will be quite happy sat on the stove. You’ll have to send me some recipe ideas for it!

    • It’s so heavy though! LOL! I would be grateful if you had any blog link recipes that you could share with me please!

  2. Holly

    I have a very good beouf bourginon recipe for you!

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