Clocking off…

I have been promising and promising the kitchen reveal but the truth is, I don’t think it feels ‘finished’. The wall with the sink on is too bare and we need a clock. Our solution has been to look for a really big clock, to fill up the space and so that I might actually start timing what I cook instead of popping my head in the oven every five minutes (The Boy does NOT like me doing this)!

I have seen lots of pictures…

I love the size of this one (above), but I think I want one with a face as I think one like this in the kitchen might look a bit like a garden clock. Although, I’m not sure that it looking like a garden clock would be such a bad thing, what do you think?

This one is even bigger! And the eclectic mish mash style is exactly what we are going for, I think it works really well.

Regardless of this ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Halloween display, this clock is probably closest to what I would like, although, it might be too dark? What do you think? Big Clock or no? Also, any ideas where we would find such a thing? I have looked in lots of my ‘go to’ shops but nothing has been big enough or authentic looking enough, any ideas?


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