Not doing DIY…

This week I have been not doing DIY…well I have, but not the glamorous, transformative and interesting DIY that I could show you pretty pictures of.

I have not been transforming my left over furniture into beautiful new pieces, I have not been re-vamping my lovely old dressing table that I bought back from my parents house and I have not been painstakingly cleaning my 2nd hand chandeliers in order to light up our lounge and hallway.


I have been laboriously applying coat after coat of satin paint around the frame of the sliding door in the lounge. This has involved getting home after work every night, applying a coat and then washing up all of the involved paraphernalia so as to begin the process again the following day. I then ripped off the masking tape to reveal that I had also ripped off large chunks of the carefully applied paint. Wielding my craft knife I deftly sliced through into the beading (seriously, it was having a tough time getting through the masking tape, except for when I slipped and it went…straight…through…the wood!). So I have backed off that for a bit.

Before: Dark surround

After: White...thrilling!

I turned my attention to caulking. It wasn’t until my father visited that we had an explanation as to why all the wood work in the lounge looked so grotty. Neither the picture rail or the skirting board had been sealed to the wall. So instead of a lovely moulding seamlessly emerging from the wall, you get what looks like a great big slab of wood slammed against a wavey wall…like so…

Before: Grotty

This is a two man job so The Boy and I set to work first all trying to neaten up around the door frame. It is actually immensely satisfying. A couple of pointers…use a wet finger, wet cloth or wet sponge to smooth down (it’s the water that makes the difference)…the less you touch it, the better is looks (applying, smooth with wet item and leave-you can always go over it again if it shrinks back, which it does sometimes).

After: Not so grotty

I have been fitting out the under stairs cupboards. We have been concentrating on these as they will provide us with the storage that we need to put stuff away so that we can get on with the decorating without ruining everything.  This one took ages and looks deeply unimpressive…(but we have a place for our dyson now)

Before: Urgh...

After: Meh...

I have been without a kitchen again as the plasterer came in to sort out the walls…

Two steps step back...

I have been spending far too long in B&Q with The Boy discussing precisely the shade of white to paint our kitchen. Why is it that the swatch in the book, the sticker on the pot and the painted swatch in the store bear no relevance to each other whatsoever? We went with Almond White (your guess is as good as mine!).

I have also been taking a moment on a Sunday, cooking my breakfast, watching my coffee pot boil (bought in Bagnone, Italy: site of Europe’s largest lottery win, FACT) to be truly thankful that I have a kitchen!! And, as painstaking and slow as these jobs are, we are getting there and we will get there!!



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