My Design Inspiration…

When I am looking for ideas for around the house, when I am bored at work (shhh…) and when I am procrastinating at home these are the sites I turn to for relief, distraction and inspiration…

Dream Book Design

This blog immediately got my attention with the post entitled: Turning Old Junk to Beauty. I love a bit of junk!

Melissa Young via Dream Book Design

Dream Book Design is written by the sweetest girl, “your new blog friend Adrianne” about her and her husband’s extremely adept and frequent forays into DIY. Actually I think that they may have some sort of DIY addiction! The writing, the design ideas and the funny dog pictures sold it to me a while ago now, it is such an earnest and satisfying blog to read, check it out!

Design Sponge

This is the Grande Dame of design blogs for me.

Studio EMP Photography via Design Sponge

It is a veritable gold mine of information with sections such DIY (containing projects that, yes you really can do yourself), Entertaining (with heaps of recipes for food and drink as well as design theme ideas for your party) and then there’s the Biz Ladies who advise on everything from Finding your niche and Starting a business to Understanding CSS and Web Design.  But my favourite, FAVOURITE part of the blog has to be the Before and After pics.

Design Sponge

Design Sponge

This regular feature shows projects from the large like this Trolley Depot Renovation to the not so large (but possibly more achievable) like this Sideboard Re-Do;

Design Sponge

Design Sponge

And all of this with NONE of the nay-saying Kevin McCloud.  Where are all the Brit sites featuring this amount of inspiration, this amount of encouragement and more importantly, this design edge? The only place we can find UK based home interiors advice is in one of the many home magazines that I know my girlfriends are too embarrassed to buy! (I know this because after excitedly showing one of my girlfriends my AMERICAN copy of Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine she said, “These are the kind of magazines that I really want to buy but I get too embarrassed and end up buying Vogue instead.”) It’s not cool to walk up to the counter with magazines that make you look like you are hell bent on becoming a stay-at-home mother, in the country-side, with a Labrador and jam making equipment ( I’m a member of the jam-making WI and I care little about looking cool but I know that other people do, other people that own homes).  So, come on British Magazine industry, make some design/DIY magazines for us home owners who are old enough to own a fireplace but not necessary the pipe and slippers to go with them as well! What are your favourite design sites? Who do you look to for inspiration?


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