Lounge Ideas

I wanted to do you a kitchen teaser post today but since my folks left I have been rushing around cleaning, tidying and unpacking things into my new, lovely kitchen! Can’t wait to show you what we’ve got so far…but…not…quite…yet!

Finally we have cleared our lounge of food, microwaves and woks so I can begin thinking about what to do with it. When we moved in it looked like this:













The picture rail and skirting board were a nasty reddish brown shade and there were (yep, you guessed it) black bin bags of smelly rubbish! Once we had removed the rubbish, we repainted the picture rail and skirting white (I sanded it down first using a black and decker Mouse I’ll tell you about that another time but it’s AWESOME!!).

So now it looks something like this:

Not a lot different right? We still want it kept white and the wooden floor will be beautiful, it just needs a sand and a polish. I would like it to have a South African-ish theme in a nod to The Boy’s heritage. I have been finding some inspiration from websites such as Miss Moss and Elle Decoration but my favourite ideas have come from the US of A so far…

Martha Stewart The Craft Department

I love this idea, it’s framed bandannas. A little 90’s I know but I Love the colours.  I want to create some kind of art that reflects our cultural heritage either separately or combined. You should check out Martha Stewart Living magazine too, it’s packed with great ideas.

I am also loving the Ralph Lauren California Romantic collection:

I know it’s a little rugged and ‘out doorsy’ for a city house but both The Boy and I grew up in semi-countryside. I would like to keep this in mind whilst we are trapped in this busy city for now. I particularly like mixture of textures you can see with the rough carpet, plant life and animal skin chair.

Speaking of animal skin chair…


I.go.blog via Dream Book Design ( I couldn't find the original source for this sorry)

This image is practically our lounge, but with a neater planter and a beautiful chaise sofa. We definitely want to keep the white but add pops of interesting colours and African prints.

Decor8 Blog

This image is perfect, the fresh colours against the white look homely and yet modern. I am on the hunt for some seriously bright graphic African prints for this room.  Let me know what you think and if you have any tips on where to get the fabrics from, I’d love to hear your ideas!


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