The Big Three-Oh!

The Boy and I spent the weekend celebrating my big sister’s 30th in the countryside. It was wonderful when we eventually got there at 1am (a long drive accentuated by missing our turning off the M25!!). We had a garden party in the garden that my father had spent the winter toiling over and the weather gave us a gem of an afternoon to enjoy it in!

My sister found a design she liked in a book and my father proceeded to create it for her. It looked stunning, unfortunately my camera was jealous and didn’t capture it’s full beauty. (Ed. Note: There is a photo to follow, I’m just waiting for Big Sister to email me a good one!)


Gorgeous Garden!

We laid on a huge spread, I provided some salads…

But it was Mum who, as usual, impressed with her excellent baking skills as she recreated mini version of the Italian wedding cake (it was not so small but smaller than the huge one we had in Italy!)

After we had stuffed ourselves silly and sung Karaoke on the X-box at the top of our lungs (you have to, that’s how you get the points!) we warmed ourselves up around the fire pit

It was a magical evening, we had so much fun! I want to show you my crafty idea for giving my sister her present too. She wanted to buy herself a Pandora ring so we were all giving her money. I had seen some ideas from America where you could make a note into a box to put the money in to gift it but that’s in America where you get a one dollar note and somehow I didn’t think it would look as good with a fiver! So I came up with a message in a bottle idea

I wrapped the money up with a little poem I had written and tied it with string. I then placed it in a old glass juice bottle (from a Firefly) with some sand. I thought it was a cute idea, what do you say? It looks pretty so, if you were so inclined, you could keep it as a nautical keepsake but, it was so thrifty that, if nautical’s not your thing, then you could toss it in the recycling, no problems!

Anyway, things are pretty hectic here at the moment as we bought my Dad back down with to fit the kitchen!! It is very exciting ! I can’t wait to be able to show it to you sometime soon…


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