Shortly after…

Remember the spare bedroom?

Well, the next photo is by no means an ‘after’ shot but we had worked pretty hard cleaning and painting this room for my sister’s stay a few weeks ago. And now it has been further spruced up for the imminent arrival of my Dad. My Dad who will be fitting my NEW kitchen, did I mention I was getting a new kitchen? Anyway, the spare bedroom has scrubbed up as well as it is going to at the moment…


Much better I think you will agree! So we have a prepared guest room, a prepared kitchen, a room full of boxes that I am told will turn into a kitchen and yesterday I purchased a couple of whopping great bits of oak so, it’s time to get excited guys, the kitchen is on it’s way.

Another, entirely different reason to get excited is that we are going to the country (home!) for the weekend to celebrate my big sister’s 30th. I can’t wait to relax with some good food and friends. Catch you the other side of the weekend with all the snaps.




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