It is not just that 2ndhandhouse is second hand that gives it it’s name (indeed, the house itself is probably at least third hand really) but also due to my particular penchant for 2nd hand furniture.

It all started with a car boot sale. Whilst a poor Uni student my Mum and I thought that we would earn a few bob by selling our tat (another person’s treasure) at a car boot. Whilst we were there I picked up a dressing table…for four English pounds! I couldn’t believe it! I stripped it down, changed the handles and it was perfect. Trouble was I had gotten the second hand furniture bug! Since then I moved house so many times (I have moved roughly ten times in the last ten years) that I was not able to fulfil my second hand furniture desire.

Now I have the space I will be trying to fill it with as much second hand furniture as it requires. The thing with second hand is that you can often get way more for your money than you would if you bought it first hand.

So, the point of my post is to let you in on some of my 2nd hand furniture (and other items) projects that I have to do and maybe get some feedback on what you think I could do with them. As we have seen the house was full of junk when we first moved in, not all of this was sent to the tip, there were some gems amongst the clutter.

This beauty of a chest of drawers is actually in pretty good knick already. It is slightly ‘musty’ shall we say so it needs a good clean and a re-coat of paint. I can’t decide whether changing the handles might be a good idea or not. I like the white although all I can think to do with it at the moment is ‘nautical’ and that has been my style ‘thing’ for so long that I am a bit bored of it. Any ideas??

We had a few great chairs left behind in the house. On this one (above) I want to shine up the dark wooden legs and re-cover in a bright, large African or 60’s print.

This one I can’t decide whether to keep it white and cover the seat with a blue and white strip (ahem…nautical…) OR to spray it with a shiny black lacquer and cover the seat with a gold/pink and black silk in a Chinese pattern (like a cherry blossom), what do you think?

There are a couple of other pieces that we found in the house that I will show you another time. I will just leave you with a picture of these chandeliers that my parents gave me. 

Expertly modelled by The Boy! I had ideas in my head (whilst these were waiting for me in my parents garage miles away) that they would have more metal and that I would spray paint them all white. But when I finally got them they were mainly plastic and glass, so I don’t know what to do with them!! Any tips would be great! In the meantime I am going to scour the net for some ideas as to what I will do with them, I’ll get back to you with my findings shortly.


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