Kitchen Ripping and Planter update…

The Boy has been working tirelessly this week ripping out the old kitchen which appears to be stuck in place with old kitchen grease and willpower!  Just removing the top cupboards has instantly made the work surfaces easier to use and brought light into the room. But seriously everything was so greasy that he kept sticking to things and ended up with plastic bags on his hands in lieu of rubber gloves! I, thankfully, was at work whilst all this was happening so just got to come home and see the rip out procedure at the half way point:

Whilst I can see from these photo’s that it still pretty much looks like a squat right now, it has really opened up the space and I can kind of begin to see what it will look like. We are not going to have the kitchen fitted until the week after next but The Boy is going away to France for a few days next week so he will have to strip it all out for the electrician and plumber to come in whilst he is away. This will leave me cooking on the barbecue and in the microwave for the entire week! My fingers are crossed for sunshine because if it’s warm I can happily survive on salads for a week!

Speaking of sunshine last weekend was pretty lovely and I was so excited to see that the lavender in my planter has, at last, been attracting some bees! I was worried that we just didn’t have any on the Isle of Dogs as none had visited since I had planted the lavender but last weekend we had plenty of visitors. They were the proper golden coloured honey bees too. I am happy that they are visiting the planter, it has really come on since I replanted it:

I couldn’t get any pictures of the bees, 1. because they move too fast for me and 2. because I am, perhaps just a little bit, scared of them!

So, the kitchen is finally beginning to happen and the planter is doing it’s job things couldn’t get any better. Until of course The Boy found himself a $100 note in the kitchen!

Very exciting, although entirely unhelpful here in the UK!


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