Kitchen Ideas…

I promised you more of the house so I thought I would start on the worst room which is soon to be the best room as it is going to get done first!

The kitchen, for me, is THE most important room in the house. Both myself and The Boy love to cook (he is particularly good!) and the kitchen is where we spend the majority of our time in the house. In the early days we lived in a shared house with a kitchen that was big enough for a six seater dining table and we spent many happy an evening in this kitchen together with one or both of us cooking. So, you may think that we are utterly distraught at the disgusting state in which we found the kitchen in the 2ndhandhouse. But in reality it is the first time in years that we have had a kitchen that is big enough of both of us to be in at the same time. Whilst the current kitchen is gross (the cupboard door handles are slicked with some indescribable and irremovable ‘sticky’ substance) we are mightily looking forward to transform the room into our own little social cooking hub.

Introducing the kitchen…

Complete with it's seventies false ceiling...

There is nothing retrievable in the kitchen. The walls are scuffed SuperFresco wallpaper. The cupboard doors are slicked with grease, the hob is crusty and the seals are mouldy.

The only thing for it was to disappear into fantasy land and dream up a new kitchen:

Image via Dream Book Design

I want a bright, open and light kitchen. I am sooo into white at the moment. I love the traditional and utilitarian handles on this kitchen above. I also love the tongue and groove on the ceiling, like this one has too:

Image from

The tongue and groove on the ceiling may actually be a necessity (as I told The Boy one day) as the previous owners had for some completely unknown reason installed a false ceiling. Apparently these were all the rage in the 70s but it made the kitchen look like an office!! This has left the ceiling full of holes where they suspended the polystyrene tiles from the perfectly adequate real ceiling.

Luckily, my parents are ‘in the industry’ so to speak.  My Mum works for a kitchen company and my Dad is a carpenter so they have helped us come up with some ideas for our exciting project. So I emailed them these ideas of ‘utilitarian’ and ‘bright’ along with a plan of the room on graph paper and comments like ‘It’s big but it doesn’t feel big’ and ‘it’s got a huge window, but it’s dark’.  They came up with this little beauty:

Having no cupboards above the work surface means that firstly, two tall kids like The Boy and myself get to use the whole of the work surface without doing the limbo and secondly, that we can make the most of the daylight that floods into the kitchen from first thing in the morning. The big cupboard at the end of the room will house the fridge and a large larder cupboard which means we can see all at once whether we have all the necessary ingredients to make that culinary treat for our dinner or not. We are having a lovely light oak wooden block work surfaces and our kitchen cupboards are to be accessorised with those cute utilitarian cup shaped handles.

I am so excited about having the kitchen in, I love to cook and once it is in I think I’ll be able to put up with the grotty bathroom. I may even be able to cope with the large wardrobe that doesn’t actually fit much in it at all. I think The Boy is looking forward to it too, although he’s possibly more looking forward to being all manly and ripping out the old one first!

Ripping out commences this week…



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2 responses to “Kitchen Ideas…

  1. That second dream kitchen (with the metal legged tables) is incredible… the colors are like a throwback to the 1930s… but as a cook who likes to work barefoot (not a great idea, I know), it doesn’t look so functional. I would definitely stub and break my toes on those metal legs all day.

    Best of luck on your kitchen makeover! Your design looks to be gorgeous.

    • Thanks indyink! I know what you mean about cooking barefoot. I am having a rather delicious nightmare trying to decide what flooring to put down. There are tiles at the moment but it gets far too cold here to go barefoot on tile in the winter, so I have to pick a wood that will not clash or mismatch badly with the floors we already have…oh the dilemmas! Loving every minute!

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