Distractions…because there’s more to life than DIY (apparently)

This month’s distraction was a family holiday to the hills of Italy. My whole family including parents, sister and brother-in-law took to the mountain passes of Lunigiana, Italy to celebrate the wedding of an old family friend (as in we’ve known her a long time, not that she is old!).

The weather (yes, I am British, it is important!) held up for a beautiful hot, sunny week whilst we explored some of the sleepiest and not so sleepiest hill towns of the area. The food (probably even more important than the weather!) was amazing, especially the six course Italian wedding banquet (that’s the way to do it!).

I took lots of photo’s to show you all although my camera is not the best so please excuse the quality. The boy and I are hankering after a better one, but the house is draining our resources at the moment so we will have to persevere.

Also, I know that I haven’t mentioned the house much yet but we are doing lots of running just to stand still at the moment and nothing is looking that much different from what it was before. I will give you a picture update of the rooms that have changed soon though!

First night dinner…simple, local and fresh-perfect!!


We took at trip to Lucca, they call it a ‘small Florence’ it was so beautiful and there were so many old bicycles which I may have been a little obsessed with! I took lots of bicycle photo’s!

Four of us went up the Guinigi Tower which offers amazing views of Lucca after you have navigated the final four most terrifying flights of stairs you will ever encounter! They are rusty and you can see right through them to the solid terracotta tiled floor at the bottom! I was so frightened that my Dad resorted to age-old parenting techniques, even though I am in my late twenties, using the old “Look, that little boy is only 7 and he’s not frightened!”.  Anyway, I made it up in one piece despite my worst fears and the view was amazing…

The rooftops were so beautiful, the colours were gorgeous and if you look close…

How stunning is that roof terrace?! I would love mine to look like that! Amongst the roof tops it just looks like this gem of an entertaining space away from the heat of the city (I know it looks really dull in the photo but it was actually hot and sunny!).

The best thing that we found in Lucca was these little babies…

They only made it as far as the car trip home...

They reminded me of one of my favourite blogs. At Paris Breakfasts Carol Gillott gets to buy things like this everyday for the sake of her art as she creates beautiful watercolours to sell on Etsy, check it out. I bet she would have loved the Italian wedding cake we had a few days later…it totally blew those little guys out of the water…

It’s not a great picture but it tasted AMAZING. We were all so full, in Italy you have antipasti, three pasta courses and then three meats before pudding, we still all squeezed in a piece or two of this creation.

Wow, I am feeling full just having written about that! Whilst I was there I picked  up a home interiors magazine called Casa Chic, it has great ideas and I would strongly recommend it if you thinking of redecorating. I couldn’t find a website for it but they are a lot of english blogs that feature it.

I will update you with pictures of the house and ideas that we have for the kitchen very soon.


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