Meet the 2ndhandhouse…

Firstly, I thought I better introduce you to the lady in question. We waited five months to get our hands on her and when we finally moved in we kind of wondered if we had bitten off more than we could chew! There was artex on the walls (on the WALLS!), a fake ceiling in the kitchen (who wants high ceilings anyway?) and she was packed to the gills with junk…I mean serious junk, beds, desks, cups, plates, you name it. Then there’s the spiders who have no sense of proprietary and skitter back and forth across the bed night and day (I’m trying a spray made up with orange essential oil at the moment, apparently the little buggers ‘taste’ through their feet and aren’t too fond of citrus…so far, so good.)

Anyway, back to the star of the show. 2ndhandhouse is a two storey maisonette on the Isle of Dogs, London.  When we bought the lease it had been repossessed and so stood empty since November (we moved in at the beginning of May), so she was pretty run down, unloved and in need of some serious tlc.

The place was very musty and dusty from having been closed up for six or so months so getting in there and opening up all the windows really helped. Then the actual hard work began which, I am very pleased and proud to say, was mostly taken care of  by The Boy and our trusty Volvo. He de-junked and moved all our stuff in (re-junked?!) from storage.

Here are pictures of the house that we moved into, the house that we bought as seen…

The lounge:

Junk (not the cow though, that was an awesome present from The Boy's Father)

Desk, weird oven-thing, wardrobe, countless little plastic stools (the mind boggles). There was also a black bag that was emitting some disgusting odour and seeping moisture onto the lovely wooden floor.


Well, what can I say this room is a write off…I can’t even go into details, I just don’t know where to start. We have bought a barbecue and are cooking al fresco every night.


As I said before, Artex…on the walls!! Hideous red carpet and an under stairs cupboard that constantly smells of cigarettes, reason unknown.


This is actually all our junk (Although, don't let The Boy know I referred to his surfboard as 'junk')

The ‘spare’ room was also filled with junk and black bags of smelly rubbish…lovely!:


Lovely separate loo/bath scenario, gorgeous grey tiles with pink flowers, oh yes and what every modern householder dreams of, a bath with no side panel just to show off all that crap that has fallen underneath!

We also have two terraces (one is covered which is useful for storing paint brushes, barbecues and baby seedlings) and a balcony at the front. So there she is, warts and all! We both feel very lucky to have been able to afford this challenge, I know that most people our age are nowhere near even being able to afford their very own little hovel to fix up. I can’t even fathom how we got here, how we have actually become home owners!  We have a lot of work on our hands I think, but we’re taking it one day at a time, project by project. Keep checking back and I will be sure to show you how it all evolves!


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