I am a first time buyer and the house I have bought, along with my partner (AKA The Boy because I am mad about him), is definitely a 2ndhandhouse!

When we were looking to buy we had both decided that we didn’t want a ‘fixer-upper’ whatsoever. Until we saw 2ndhandhouse that is! The amount of space that this place has completely blinded us to it’s potential Money-Pit status.

So, after a lengthy negotiation process (more on that later-I still need to digest what went on during the five months it took us to buy this place before I can talk about it calmly), we have finally moved in.

Amongst the wreckage of an unloved house we are going to attempt to create a well-loved home. We don’t have a huge budget, just excellent parents at the end of the phone and a rabble of enthusiastic friends. We are not professional property tycoons just two kids working on their first ever home. Oh, yeah and we are living in it all the while!

Hopefully you will get to see some interesting projects, some handy hints and tips from people who have actually tried to follow the instructions on the back of the packet or written in the manual and share some of our experiences as we try to create a home from a 2ndhandhouse.


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